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And I keep cracking up at every failed attempt Sifting through the garbage of gifts Left but not for dead Starving when I'm fed Dreaming of a future in bed Chorus: If you do this right for me I can do it right for you If you get it wrong for me It'll be gone for good, you see Should I get lost? Standing oblique Should I get lost? Into the bleak Some say that it's free But if you're asking me You pay for everything you see and I don't want to mean that much But I have to in a way Are you buying everything I say? Chorus Lose your taste for broken hearts It's the only way to swallow Oh yeah It all keeps adding up Condescending looks Cocktails and the arrogant hooks and I still keep cracking up Staring at the smoking gun Admitting to the world it was fun Chorus Now I found you Nowhere I found You now nowhere, I have found
Racin' with the wind Open road I got the pedal to the flo' Radio on Rock 'n Roll I can feel the speakers pumpin' Give it gas, give me somethin' Make it fast, get it thumpin' Can you hear me? Chorus: Motor City Maiden on the side of the road Motor City Maiden don't know which way to go Tried to break her mind and make her finally decide Motor City Maiden jump on in for a ride Smilin' with the face of a man that's been possessed I'm feelin' like I can't lose, a baller voted best dressed I'm runnin' with the bulls in a China shop A rogue cruise I'm divin' in a pool filled with coke And some cold blooze Chorus Repeat 1st verse Can you hear me? Hear me
I want to stay nice, I've spent alot of time On the dead end streets, in my favorite world Sinners to the table Time to reclaim that pile of gold Taking what you want is just another way of losing your control Send her down the river If you're so concerned about her soul Wading, in drowning waters, 'cause she's lost the will to row Chorus: Remember, that we all control the ban Forever, we lay up inside the hand Evil, delusions of the grand Blinded, by the blonde upon the head The blue eyes of the dead Beating every Pilgrim Cast your net upon, where the buffalo roam Feeding upon some carcass in a world you'll never own Bleeding every seedling, believing every lie that you've ever been told Impeding, keeps repeating, will the people ever grow Chorus Repeat 1st I wanna get it straight, before it's too late I don't want to wait On the dead end streets of an alternate world Crumbling, crooked chimneys Leaving every child with a lump of coal Marching, are you sleeping? Time to wake your bones
M's LAMENT 02:51
Waisted all my life waiting on dying If I'd have known I'd be living this long Would've kept on trying Would've kept on trying Chorus: It's too late For me to go home It's too late For me to stay It's too late It's too late Bet it all on black but I came up red Never gave jack what the good book said But I kept on trying Yeah, I kept on trying Chorus Brought in on myself and I blame my pride Lost, alone, despair, nearly Took my mind Chorus 2X It's too late
I really need to stop it, before I go and rot it Got to listen to my conscience and say, I'm taking everything to the grave But then here comes the trouble and action's wanna double Make you want to reconsider your ways, sometimes you've got to look up and say That I could never take you down I can only turn around Now it's time to rock it It shouldn't be so shocking Everyone is bustin' out of their jeans Does it make you want to jump up and scream? Wow, you should've seen it, but you were busy being such a critic labeling it obscene While all the kids were busy being their dreams I can never take you out I can only twist and shout, shout All my fears wear out, right before the dawn All my dreams come out, right before the dawn All my fears fade on, right before the dawn All my dreams come on, right before the dawn
(lyrics start around 1:35) (random moans, sirens...) Donald, Donald, Donald Watcha' gonna do? Yeah Yeah (more random moans, sirens, inaudible grumbling) I wanna tell ya 'bout a little story (more inaudible grumbling) You know I do boy, You know I do boy I wanna, hee, heee, heee For you... (inaudible) She got her pants on backwards She wore a 2lb suitcase Wrapped around her neck She got a gold face Wrapped around her neck (atche bah, de ah, deitcha dojo) She got a small breath Wrapped around her face She got a chain link fence She got two dog sits She got a foul mouth She talk shit (moans) Why you come around shit She rolled it up and fold it
Premonition that I might get killed, I better walk it off Kind of frightening whey you're standing still I better walk it off I mind my P's and I mind my Q's Very boring, so I put on my shoes and I walk it off Walk it off My condition is becoming well known I better walk it off Keeps me wishing that I still was alone, I better walk it off Gave me nothing, so I could not refuse Should've know it was to good to be true Walk it off Walk it off Now the pressure found you, redefining issue Searching for an orphan Surfing my endorphins Flipping off a dolphin Finding out what matters I ran my heart up one hell of a bill, I better walk it off Very sexy, 'cause I know you're for real, I better walk it off It's always something, but it's never the same Keeps you guessing, like some old tidal wave Walk it off Walk it off Walk it off Walk it off
Can you drive me to draw? Dueling on the lawn Betting on the gong, forgetting it was wrong Can you walk me to the door? 'Cause I forgot my way It opens when I go, as if I had to say And so far they are strategically in place to set me off It's such a hard pill to swallow Chorus: And I know, that you've been there 'Cause I caught a whiff off the atmosphere And I know it's unfair 'Cause I got caught up in your atmosphere Whoa, whoa, woe, oh... Can you sell me on the song? Too late to be to long While you're barking on the phone? I'm purring well at home And so far, they are maniacally obsessed to set me off It's such a cheap thrill to borrow Chorus And I know, it's unfair, but I got caught up in your atmosphere Whoa... And if the enemy is your friend, well shake his hand, shake his hand If the enemy's in your bed, turn your head now, turn your head Chorus
Through the cellar door Words they often creep Praise to the heavens above Fear of the fire so deep Prayers go unanswered Never, said a thief Pining for the rapture With howling disbelief Chorus: Can you stand for love? Will you stand for love? What do you stand for, love? What would you stand for, love? Jars of ancient marmalade are rotting on the shelves Dust and gloom have given in And settled amongst themselves Fragrant blossom flowers Wretched stench of war This I cannot fathom Beyond the cellar door Praise to the heavens Praise to the heavens Praise to the heavens above Chorus
Executing every step, I'm coming down She prefers me in blue, and I prefer the brown Just because you can, doesn't mean you should And you should know this by now Resuscitating every dummy that should be cloud She prefers me in black, and I prefer a shroud Just because you can, doesn't mean you should And you should know this by now Got to lay it on the line Got to lay it on the line Forever in a mink coat 'Til the weather makes a soar throat Due to conditions I can't ramble on enough to say She refers me to a shrink, and I defer I'm OK Just because I could doesn't mean a thing And you should know this by now So should, I but anyhow Got to lay it on the line Before we lose all of our, shine before the fur of actions burrow the nerve of a man less hollow Like me Lead me to the back room You can worry me some Just leave me in the bedroom And trouble me none Trouble me none Trouble me none
I was driven by Karma, when it all crashed and burned I was dead on arrival, I guess you live and you learn Chorus: It was a bad, a very bad situation It was a bad, a very bad situation But I got on I sorta new it was coming, I had a feeling she might 'cause when the day comes together It often crumbles at night Chorus If you want to get by, move on with your life If you want to get high, stay strong, it's all right It's your life I was missing the present, 'cause I was wrapped in the past Over staying my welcome, 'cause I know the future won't last Chorus Repeat If you want to get by, move on with your life If you want to get high, stay strong, it's all right It's your life Repeat It's your life
IN YOURS 03:36
Chorus: Bow down to that crown, you get me further, you do Bow down to that crown, you get me hard when I want you to current on the attitudes Don't worry about the runaways They're only looking for somewhere to stay Strap yourself into some laugh that lasts It's all about the get away, if you let it fade out fast Take your time on something that has past It's all about the get away, if you let it out to chance Chorus So tell me how you weren't raised Well hidden in your own maze Bow your head if you don't have much to say It's all about the get away If you want to pray, too long Find your life and serve it until it's through It's all about the get away, if you let it fade out true Found my love in myself And I found my heart in yours Found my love in myself, and I found my heart in yours In yours
Ain't got no money Ain't got no shame Pipes are leaking, brakes are squeaking, every day's the same Chorus: 'Cause I'm dirt poor Yeah I am dirt poor Livin' for a 40 Waitin' for the 1st Hangin' out with Shorty It's only gettin' worse... Chorus Step on in to see me, no need to make a fuss Say you don't believe me, I'm livin' on a bus Repeat 1st vs Chorus


...Somewhat of a concept album. The idea was, we would only write rockers. From that came the title, "Motor City Maiden", which was taken from a co-write of ours a couple of years back called, "Sky City". You are free to interpret the songs anyway you like, but, let it be known that the Maiden (whomever she may be), was kept in mind throughout the writing of the record, and at least one of the songs is written from her perspective. May the hopes and dreams of the MCM fill a warm and fuzzy place in your rock 'n roll hearts.


released September 12, 2017

All tracks performed by Jason Davis and Charles Shoemake

w/special guests Cadence Davis on sax (track 2) and
backing vocals by Lindsay Coffield Shoemake (track 4)

Produced by the freds
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by JED from 1/11-6/13 (tracking on Sundays, overdubs and mixing through the week), 2017
Cover concept and design by the freds

Cover photo: 1963 Ringling Bros. Elephant

~Thanks to all and to all a good thanks~


all rights reserved



THE FREDS North Carolina

THE FREDS are: Jason Davis, Jesse Meyers, and Charles Shoemake
New LP, Gimme Skelter, available now!
'Heavens for Betsy' vinyl
LP, limited copies (produced by THE FREDS, mixed by Michael Lowdermilk & JED). All other songs produced by the freds, recorded & mixed by JED, except "Blowin' Out My Mind", recorded by Charles Shoemake
'Same Old Haunts" mastered by Chris Church & Matt Lutton
... more

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